Being an instigator

Check out the Tom Morkes website:

I really love his analogies of authority and instigator. That by being an instigator and challenging convention is the only way to achieve real success.

To be an instigator, to do things different is easier than you might think. First, practice thinking different – here’s an easy exercise: choose two very unalike things and begin to list ways they are alike.

For example: a chair and a cat. They both have four legs, they both help you relax, they both encourage you to have a lap (the chair when you sit on it; the cat when you want it to sit on you), they may be both organic (if the chair is wooden or such), the cat may like to sit in the chair, etc.

Practice doing things different. Change your schedule – do morning activities in the afternoon/evening and vice-versa. Rearrange the furniture. Cook a familiar recipe with different ingredients. Take a  a book, movie, tv show that didn’t end right. Write the correct ending yourself.

The more you do this, the easier it will get to find innovated solutions to common problems.

Just my two cents worth.

David K





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