What is wrong with social networks?


It’s as if PC means “I lack the emotional maturity to deal with intelligent discourse so let’s not have any”

On Facebook someone created a page called “dogs suck” that is “for dog haters, not dog abusers” along with a picture from National lampoon magazine 30 some-odd years ago of a dog with a gun pointed to it’s head. Which due to public outcry has been changed to the image of a snarling dog.

The title prompted people to petition to ban the user, remove the page and some posting “dogs don’t suck, you do”

I’m not sure why the hysterical responses, but I would just remind people – it’s the Internet, don’t feed the trolls.

I get frustrated by the lack of thought in people’s actions and comments

I’m reminded of a quote by Thedore Sturgeon – 90% of anything is shit because 90% of everything is shit.

I’ll keep looking for the worthwhile 10%

Just my 2 cents



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